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Cultural Retreat in Haida Gwaii

About Eudaemonia

Connecting Individual & Societal Change

This is more than your average Retreat. Being here, Being there is a community-centered social venture that bridges the gap between the outside world to the local and indigenous experience. This immersive cultural retreat will help you gain a greater awareness of yourself, your community and your environment.

Transformative Cultural Experiences

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"We welcome those who are curious and respectful to discovering new ways of being. This is a rare & rich Haida cultural experience you won't find anywhere else."

Haida Chief & Master Carver, Jim Hart

Our Ambassadors

You will be guided by local artists, storytellers and holistic healers who will take you through daily activities including yoga classes, workshops and more.

April SGaana Jaad White

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James Hart

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Kwiaahwah Jones

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Christian White

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Vernon Williams

Danzhu Mowat

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Stephen Puiia

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"The experience on Haida Gwaii changed my life. I left feeling more relaxed and connected to myself and everyone around me. The landscape was breathtaking, food exquisite and the people I met possessed so much talent, wisdom and humor!"

Christine Walsh, Retreat Attendee

Join us on Old Masset, Haida Gwaii

Haida Artist, April SGaana Jaad White invites you into her waterfront sanctuary. You will be hosted along Masset Inlet at this one of a kind guesthouse for the duration of your retreat.

Getting here

Our Values

At Being Here, Being There, we will guide you on a journey to feel more connected with your-self and the community. Each day leads you closer to a sense of wholeness and balance.

Be Respectful
Recognizing that everyone and every being has an important role to play.

Be Regenerative

Creating systems that are more vital, biodiverse and resilient.

Be Harmonious
Coalescing calm, peaceful and effortless expressions of beauty in everything we do.

Be Interconnected
Recognizing that actions in the natural, human and supernatural worlds are intertwined.

Be Reciprocal
Giving back in someway so our relationship and interaction is mutually beneficial.

Be Accessible
Design is for everyone. All abilities, bodies, backgrounds are welcome in our spaces.

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